Monday, 6 June 2016

Skill Development and Training Solutions for Make in INDIA Mission

Skill Development and Training Solutions

The world knows that India will soon exceed the population of China but will be powered with a young workforce. It is expected that by 2020, the average age of the Indian population would be 29 years in comparison to 40 years and 46 years of the Americans and Europeans, respectively. Additionally, India will witness an industrial growth of 32 percent in the next two years whereas globally we might see a decline of 4 percent.

Our economy needs to utilize the upcoming opportunities and for unhindered growth, it is significant for India to train its workforce and develop their skill set. This wouldn’t only improve the quality of products and services delivered but the efficiency in production would also increase. The impact of a skilled labor force would be visible on the whole value chain process.

Without upgrading the skill set of our young personnel, the MAKE IN INDIA mission would lose its core values and we may find it hard to attract FDI.  For skill development, one of the most important aspects is to make use of advanced technologies for training our young team of workers. To fulfill the technological requirements for SKILL INDIA, Scientech offers modern equipment such as Electronics Learning Lab and Electronics Lab Equipment.

Scientech is the leading designer and manufacturer of educational lab and training solutions which aims to provide powerful yet easy-to-use tech equipments. These first-class educational tools further strengthen the practical learning of young students. These can also be used for the purpose of imparting knowledge of various professional skills among India’s potential workforce.

Serving the education industry since last three decades, Scientech offers a universe of knowledge through its interactive learning tools. They have simplified the practical learning within a lab by introducing the Electronics Learning Lab- which includes interactive resources such as Techbooks, Development Platforms, and Interfacing Modules etc.

With a global footprint, the company has been serving various schools, colleges, universities and training institutes in 75 countries. Now it has laid its focus on skill development in India through providing comprehensive solutions for imparting technical knowledge and skills in a lucid manner. The finest Electronics Lab Equipment assist in better understanding of new technology, concepts and components that are imperative for the success of any training program.

Through the best edu-tech tools, Scientech has undertaken the task of training the young India.

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