Wednesday, 13 July 2016

High Performance and Cost Effective Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Digital Oscilloscope is a device most commonly used for testing the signal voltages that run in your electronic devices, such as AC, Television or radio broadcasting equipment. Digital Storage Oscilloscope has the biggest advantage when no human is physically present to record the electronic log. Observations, which may be otherwise not possible to do, can be done in anyone’s absence with this simple device.

Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Many of the patrons here might confuse Digital Storage Oscilloscope with the voltmeters. However, these are two different terms in the sense that Digital Oscilloscope records and displays signals in the graphic forms. This can help you in a rather spontaneous visual diagnosis, in case there is unexpected voltage. An oscilloscope can measure voltage over the same duration, but it helps you in getting the graphic visual display of exact shape. You can say that it is possible for you to get precise timing of the pulse, which is absolutely required and necessary.

Among various applications of Digital Oscilloscope, some of the common ones include to identify problems in vehicle ignition mechanisms, medical diagnosis tests like ECG, assessment or design of new electronics and many more.

A good Digital Oscilloscope serves a range of purposes. Apart from the primary applications mentioned above, this device is also used in different industries, such as, telecoms, motor vehicle testing, electronic applications & engineering applications.

Digital Oscilloscope

Monday, 6 June 2016

Skill Development and Training Solutions for Make in INDIA Mission

Skill Development and Training Solutions

The world knows that India will soon exceed the population of China but will be powered with a young workforce. It is expected that by 2020, the average age of the Indian population would be 29 years in comparison to 40 years and 46 years of the Americans and Europeans, respectively. Additionally, India will witness an industrial growth of 32 percent in the next two years whereas globally we might see a decline of 4 percent.

Our economy needs to utilize the upcoming opportunities and for unhindered growth, it is significant for India to train its workforce and develop their skill set. This wouldn’t only improve the quality of products and services delivered but the efficiency in production would also increase. The impact of a skilled labor force would be visible on the whole value chain process.

Without upgrading the skill set of our young personnel, the MAKE IN INDIA mission would lose its core values and we may find it hard to attract FDI.  For skill development, one of the most important aspects is to make use of advanced technologies for training our young team of workers. To fulfill the technological requirements for SKILL INDIA, Scientech offers modern equipment such as Electronics Learning Lab and Electronics Lab Equipment.

Scientech is the leading designer and manufacturer of educational lab and training solutions which aims to provide powerful yet easy-to-use tech equipments. These first-class educational tools further strengthen the practical learning of young students. These can also be used for the purpose of imparting knowledge of various professional skills among India’s potential workforce.

Serving the education industry since last three decades, Scientech offers a universe of knowledge through its interactive learning tools. They have simplified the practical learning within a lab by introducing the Electronics Learning Lab- which includes interactive resources such as Techbooks, Development Platforms, and Interfacing Modules etc.

With a global footprint, the company has been serving various schools, colleges, universities and training institutes in 75 countries. Now it has laid its focus on skill development in India through providing comprehensive solutions for imparting technical knowledge and skills in a lucid manner. The finest Electronics Lab Equipment assist in better understanding of new technology, concepts and components that are imperative for the success of any training program.

Through the best edu-tech tools, Scientech has undertaken the task of training the young India.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Predictions for IoT Solutions in the Global Market in 2016

Global Market in 2016

Businesses around the world are investing millions of dollars in IoT solutions so that they can meet their target by 2020. With advancements in technologies, IoT solutions are growing as we speak. The motive here is to connect everything and bring them in sync for a better and more convenient world. Plus, the amount of data that will be collected from the IoT implementation will open up countless opportunities for upgrades and further developments.

The year 2015 has been fairly good for global implementation of IoT solutions. Let’s find out what’s in store for 2016.

The “Security of Thing” Will Gain Prominence

The year 2015 witnessed a lot of connections via the IoT implementation, but there were obviously a lot of security concerns. 2016 will see a rise in the security aspect of the IoT solutions where the leading providers of IoT solutions will be the ones who can help enterprises not only deliver connected services, but secure them, too.

Success Metrics Will Be Defined

The Internet of Things will no longer counted in terms of “things”. IoT is not about things. It is about the service and this year, more important success metrics will definitely be defined. In fact, IDC added an amendment to its recent device count forecast to say that “by 2018, there will be 22 billion internet of things devices installed, driving the development of more than 200,000 new IoT apps and services”. This will shift the focus to the quantifiable impact of new services instead of tallying the quantity of devices. With the clear definition of success metrics, it will be easier to understand the actual impact of IoT solutions. 

More New Cars Will Be Connected

Connected cars will definitely be the norm in 2016 with more new cars being given the IoT solution. GM already has 1 million connected cars that have 4G LTE integration. The majority of the growth is expected to be in the United States, but there should be noticeable growth in other parts of the world. The trend should gradually pick up pace over the next few years and soon become the global industry standard.

Wide Deployment of LPWAN (Low Power Wireless Area Network) Won’t Be There This Year

The LPWAN market is still in its infancy and is not ready for wide deployment. Despite its immense potential in contributing to the continued proliferation of IoT, a wide deployment can only be done when it meets the requirements for a commercial implementation. Although deployment may be limited, 2016 will be the year of LPWAN partnerships, consolidation and marketing wars. This will pave the way for the future of LPWAN deployment in the years to come.

The IoT Market Will Align Around a Precise Lexicon

The year 2015 witnessed the rise in prominence of IoT and lots of technology providers attached the IoT acronym to their names in an attempt to claim relevance. In order to deter such usage of the IoT acronym, companies will be required to articulate exactly what their IoT solution enables. They will also be required to show how their IoT solutions will help enterprises to launch, manage and monetize IoT. By clearly defining the use and benefits of IoT solutions, companies will be able to justify the association of the IoT acronym with their offerings.